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Luxury Wellness Retreats


Travel, Relax & Reconnect

 Take part in a wellness adventure that helps you thrive, allowing you to lead a longer, healthier and happier life. 

By joining a Buddha on the Lake retreat, you are stepping into a safe haven of positive energy and personal exploration, provided in an environment with zero judgement or stress. 

Start With Adventure

Go on a journey of discovery and join us at wellness retreats around the globe. Our expertly curated adventures are designed especially to boost your happiness and well being. 

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Enjoy Luxury

Immerse yourself in the abundance and comfort that you deserve. No pressure or distractions, just pure luxury, giving you the chance to focus exclusively on your enjoyment and growth. 

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Find Your Crowd

Come together with kindred spirits and build relationships that last a lifetime. Feel supported and held by your new friends as you embark on your physical, spiritual and emotional journey to wellness.

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Structured Exploration

Daily wellness schedules and activities created and led by professional coaches to help you think clearly about your life and priorities, allowing you to make the important changes and find contentment. 


Personal Growth 

Claim a new lease on life and go home feeling re-energised and excited to take the next steps with the toolkit you need to continue your journey of wellness. 

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Buddha on the Lake
How a wellness retreat can add years to your life
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How A Few Days At A Wellness Retreat Can Add Years To Your Life

Think of a wellness retreat like a strategic life reset. You are heading out on the journey that is your life and you are taking a few moments to plot your course, so you don’t get lost or distracted along the way.


Trusted & Independent 

Buddha on the Lake is an independent, family owned business. We believe in curating high quality, luxurious retreat experiences that delight our customers time and time again.